In an American Bible Society study, they identified six major frustrations the majority of people – 60% – experience when reading the Bible. The Bridge helps the normal, everyday reader not experience these frustrations. It specifically addresses these major bible reading frustrations in the following ways:

Top 6 Frustrations The Bridge’s Solution
Don’t understand the background or history Fills in the gap of understanding for the avg. reader by providing them with the essential background, history, and context needed in the thought-for-thought translation
The stories are confusingEach passage ensures the larger theme/point is clear
Don’t feel excited about reading itMotivates people to read by helping them to feel like they can actually read the bible and understand it
Language is difficult to relate toAvoids unfamiliar words and elaborates to explain concepts, ideas, and thoughts where needed
The layout is difficult to navigateHighlights a thematic structure that conveys the key thought of a section/part/passage
Never have enough time to read itHelps the reader to understand more of what they read, which may motivate to make more time reading