The Bridge Project

Created for a Purpose

The Bridge is a fresh Bible translation that helps the 21st Century person to read and understand the Bible. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between the thought and meaning of Scripture and the contemporary world. While there are many good translations, the Bridge takes this purpose to a new level, providing you with an easy to understand Bible.

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The Bridge is…

…For the seeker who wants to discover God’s truth

…For the curious who wants to know what the Bible teaches

…For the confused who wants Scripture to make sense

…For the frustrated who has tried to read the Bible in the past, did not grasp its meaning, and has given up trying

…For the broken who want God’s direction and guidance in life

…For the hurting who long to hear God’s voice

…For the burned out who needs a fresh perspective that brings God’s truth alive

1st Release Available Now!

Revelation: The Bridge Bible Translation is the first book published from this innovative, easy to understand Bible translation.

Revelation-Easy to Understand Bible

Up Next, After Revelation

After Revelation, the next two books “in the works” for release are Romans and the Gospel of John.

Overall Project Status

Over 87% of the New Testament has been translated

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