Coming Soon: RomansĀ 

While I began the Bridge Bible translation project with Revelation for a variety of factors, I have been working hard to complete more books of the Bible. I presently have over 87% of the New Testament translated. I am eager to make more books of this easy to read, easy to understand Bible available. Since Revelation was such a tough and challenging book (and not necessarily where I would recommend a beginning or returning bible reader start – check out the Gospel of John), I have been working diligently to make more “start here” friendly books of the New Testament available.

An Easy to Understand Bible Translation of Romans is Coming

Along these lines, I have another book the Bible that I am presently preparing to make available. After Revelation and the Gospel of John, the next book to be made available will be an easy to understand Bible translation of Romans. Romans has been called “the gospel, in a nutshell.” It is “one of the most important treatises in the Bible.” Romans is full of various “thick” teaching. It is so easy to gloss over and read past it, not understanding the depths, riches, and impact of its meaning. So, I am working diligently to get an easy to understand version of Romans out and available.

Just Released – The Gospel of John

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Available Now – Revelation!

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Revelation-Easy to Understand Bible