Comparing Bible Translations and The Bridge

Comparing Bible Translations – Word-for-Word, Thought-for-Thought, or Both/And?

When comparing Bible translations, they typically fall into one of two categories – either a word-for-word or a thought-for-thought translation. In this respect, The Bridge is the most dynamic, thought-for-thought translation available. The Bridge is really a both/and translation with some aspects being more word-for-word than any popularly conceived word-for-word Bible. Yet, it also the most dynamic, thought-for-thought translation available. The Bridge Bible moves past the two-dimensional reality of the translation continuum below and offers an innovative, three-dimensional translation of the Bible. While no Bible translation is perfect (including this one), the Bridge an easy to read, easy to understand Bible. It is more readable, understandable, conceptual, and contextual than other leading modern translations (see the research on the Bridge).

comparing bible translations

While having many English Bible translations available is a blessing, it can also be a challenge over which one is “best.” Many holding a word-for-word view – and holding a verbal plenary view of inspiration – often assume that thought-for-thought translations dilute Scripture. They gravitate toward thinking that formal word-to-word translation is best. However, thought-for-thought translations – holding the same verbal, plenary view of inspiration – take a different translation philosophy. They embrace the reality that one language does not readily translate into another one in a 1=1 fashion. They also embrace that more context may be needed in the translation in order for it to communicate its intended meaning to a reader who does not share the mindset or context of the original language.

While all English translations provide value, the Bridge does not diminish a high view of biblical inspiration but upholds it. The Bridge aims at representing the original author’s intent, message, and meaning as faithfully and accurately as possible. It also seeks to bridge the cultural gap between the biblical and contemporary worlds as accurately and faithfully as possible. The Bridge provides a bold, dynamic, thought-for-thought translation to help the contemporary person to read and understand the Bible.

Comparing Bible Translations – Which are More “Readable” and Understandable?”

Many seek a Bible that is easy to read and easy to understand. They want a Bible that they are capable of processing what they read and clearly able of knowing its meaning. The chart below highlights how several leading English Bible translations compare in terms of readability and understanding. While there are several quality translations in this area, the Bridge Bible is more readable and understandable than other leading Bible translations.

Comparing readable and understandable among bible translations

Comparing Bible Translations – Which are More “Conceptual” and “Contextual?”

Many seek a Bible that helps them to comprehend the meaning of Scripture. Many also desire a Bible that helps them to better understand the history and culture of the biblical message. The Bridge Bible takes understanding the Bible to a higher level. In the chart below, see how the Bridge compares conceptually and contextually to other leading Bible translations. By connecting the biblical to the contemporary world, The Bridge Bible helps the reader to understand the concepts and context – and meaning – of Scripture unlike ever before! The Bridge gives you the easy to read, easy to understand Bible that you have been looking for!

Comparing "conceptual" and "contextual" Bible translations

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