To provide an easy to read and easy to understand Bible by bridging the gap between the meaning of Scripture and the modern reader

The Personal Story Behind The Bridge Bible

Why was The Bridge created? What events and circumstances led to its creation? Click the button below to learn the personal story and passion that led to creating The Bridge, an easy to understand Bible.

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No Translation is Perfect

The Bible is a powerful book. It contains God’s inspired, authoritative Word – what He wants us to know about His will for the world and how we can best live in it. However, all English Bible translation are just that, translations. They are done by flawed, imperfect human beings. While many may prefer one translation over the other, there is no perfect translation. This one is not perfect either. However, it is a faithful translation that brings the divinely inspired, original author’s message and meaning to life in a way that helps the contemporary person understand God’s Word.

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Overcomes barriers and frustrations

Did you know that 60% of people experience frustration when reading the Bible? They report that they: don’t understand the background or history, the stories are confusing, the language is difficult to relate to, that they aren’t excited to read what they don’t understand, etc. The Bridge Bible was intentionally created to overcome those barriers and frustrations to reading the Bible. Pick up The Bridge today and discover that the Bible can make sense in this easy to read, easy to understand Bible translation.

Overcomes unfavorable emotions

Research studies have found that more than 1 out of 3 people experience an unfavorable emotion when reading the Bible. They indicate they can feel overwhelmed, confused, doubtful, bored, and discouraged. The Bridge provides a different reading experience. It overcomes these unfavorable emotions by faithfully providing additional clarity and context, making the points clear, and encouraging readers. When reading or studying the Bible with the Bridge, you are more likely to have a positive experience because you will be able to understand the Bible and hear God’s Word speaking directly to you.

Bridges the gaps in understanding

It is not a commentary.

It is not a study bible.

The Bridge is a fresh Bible translation that helps the 21st Century person to read and understand Scripture for themselves. It makes the Bible accessible to everyone. Its purpose is to fill in the gap between the thought of Scripture and the contemporary world. With The Bridge, you do not have to be a bible scholar to understand Scripture’s meaning. Instead, it allows you to read and understand the Bible and its message in a way never possible before.

Who is Translating The Bridge Bible?

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The Personal Story Behind the Bridge Bible