Overall Project Status of The Bridge Bible

Translating the Bible is a huge project. It takes many hours of hard, intense, diligent, and detailed work.

At present, I am only able to work on The Bridge Bible in my spare time. Since I have a full-time day job, I am not able to devote my full attention to the translation. While I have over 87% of the New Testament translated (by total word verse count), there is still much revision, editing, and translating yet to be done. With limited resources, I can only afford so much help from the talented professionals hired to work on the project (reviewers, editors, designers, etc.). If I had the resources and were able, I would like to move faster (and maybe with your support, I can). But until then, I steadily and continually work on the Bridge as able and make weekly progress on the translation.

For the curious, below is an overall status of the Bridge Bible.

Book of the New TestamentCurrent Status
JohnEditing Finalized; Design Stage
RomansFinal Editing and Revising
1 CorinthiansTranslated
2 CorinthiansTranslated
ColossiansTo Be Translated
1 ThessaloniansTo Be Translated
2 ThessaloniansTo Be Translated
1 TimothyTo Be Translated
2 TimothyTo Be Translated
TitusTo Be Translated
PhilemonTo Be Translated
HebrewsTo Be Translated
JamesTo Be Translated
1 PeterTranslated
2 PeterTranslated
1 JohnTranslated
2 JohnTranslated
3 JohnTranslated

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