Does the blood moon mean the END OF THE WORLD?

blood moon revelation

The phrase “blood moon” is often popularly thought of like a scene from Roland Emmerich’s movie 2012, or worse. This perception comes from prophets of doom who look to the sun, moon, and stars as sources of their prophetic insights. These prophets of doom look for signs of the times: snakes coming out of the wailing wall, red calves being born, shift in the earth’s magma river, seismic events in Alaska, increasing tremors at Yellowstone (since it’s a super volcano), and even solar and lunar eclipses as their sources for the doom and gloom of the last days. Then the prophets of doom make headlines because they sensationalize these various geological, astrological, etc. events into different codes that need to be deciphered, tetrads to be counted, and blood moons that will change everything as we know it.

Does the blood moon (or solar or lunar eclipse) mean the END OF THE WORLD in this manner? In short, no. While the Bible does teach there will be an end to time and the world as we know it, the sensationalized, fear-mongering perspective is not the full meaning that the Bible’s apocalyptic literature is trying to convey.

Should the blood moon remind us that the story of human history will come to an end?

Biblically speaking, yes. To say that the Bible does not teach there will be an end to human history and the world as we know it would be to change the biblical message. The Bible does teach that this world will pass away and be made new. Revelation teaches that it will be a new world existing in a new kind of life and perfection with God. The Bible presents the new world as one that knows no war, no division, no ecological or humanitarian crises, no evil, and no death or dying.

However, before God supernaturally recreates the world and makes everything as it ought to be, the world that we know will pass away. Even more, the Bible does teach that human history as we know it ends when Jesus Christ. When Christ returns, the Bible teaches that the Devil and all forms of evil will be wiped from the face of the earth. All injustices that exist will be made right by a just God. And there will be a reckoning before God that every person should take seriously. In this sense, the apocalyptic language of Revelation and other passages about a blood moon serve as reminders because these events (i.e., lunar eclipses) will happen. And when they occur, they should remind us of that humble reality. However, that is only half of the message of these verses (and of blood moons).

What is the other half of the meaning of a “blood moon,” apocalyptic language in the Bible?

If I have learned anything from translating Revelation, it is that the book is not intended to scare people. It is exactly the opposite! Revelation was written to encourage people who are enduring suffering. It was intended to give hope to those who are suffering. When understood, it is one of the most hopeful books in all the Bible. Why? Because it presents the ultimate reality where justice prevails, right-living is rewarded, and the entire world and all created things will exist eternally in genuine peace.

So, yes, the Bible teaches there will be an end to human history and the world as we know it, but that is not a bad thing, as all evil, suffering, division, strife, crime, death, etc. will be no more. The Bible presents the “day of the Lord” – the day Christ returns – will be a great and terrible day. What kind of day it will be depends on one’s relationship with God. However, the Bible (and Revelation in particular) teaches that the story of human history and God’s greater work in the world is one of hope. It is a hope that will materialize in a physical world that we cannot see or experience on this side of life’s veil.

The ultimate message of such apocalyptic lingo – like blood moons – is to remind us to be prepared, to be ready, because our time on this earth will end. Events like blood moons serve as powerful reminders that after the end, a great hope awaits!  We need not cower in fear at every it’s the END OF THE WORLD claim or every sensationalized message from prophets of doom. For the Bible teaches that the day when history and time ends will occur when Christ’s returns to the earth. It also teaches that no will know when that day or hour is going to happen. There are no unique codes, combinations of numbers, or blood moons that have to be deciphered to tell us when that day will be. For that day will be a day, unknown to us, of God’s choosing.

What is the significance in the Bible of blood moons?

When the Bible talks about blood red moons, it is using apocalyptic language. In short, it is using highly symbolic language to convey an intended meaning. In Revelation 6:12, the blood moon is mentioned (along with a solar eclipse and other events) to communicate an overall message. In context, the reference to the blood moon occurs in the 6th of 7 seals. Revelation operates in distinct series’ of 7’s, where 1-5 are events in human history, the 6th event symbolizes the end of human history and separation of evil from the world, and the 7th event is the recreation of the world. So, the blood moon reference, in the Bible, is a reference to the end of human history.

In the context of the message of Revelation, the reference to a blood moon is intended to serve as a reminder, but not in the typical fear-mongering, doom and gloom perspective. Instead, blood moon language of the end reminds us that there is a God. It reminds us that one’s relationship with Him will determine how they view and approach that day. But more than a sign of fear and a sign of doom and gloom, blood moons are symbolic reminders that can inspire awe, wonder, and hope.

In summary…

  • Blood moons do not mean the world is going to end whenever the next one happens.
  • Blood moons are a symbol that human history and the world as we know it will end.
  • Blood moons are amazing astrological events that can be admired and appreciated.
  • Blood moons are a reminder that there is a supernatural realm that exceeds even our best understanding.
  • Blood moons are a reminder to examine our hearts and minds before God while we stand gazing at one of the many spectacular spectacles that He created.