As one reads the Bible, its message has the power to change your life. Yet the majority of people experience frustration when reading it. Substantial research highlights the need for an easy to read, easy to understand Bible translation. According to a national survey conducted by the American Bible Society (ABS), the majority of people – 60% – experience frustration when reading the Bible. But the research does not stop there. The ABS study lists the top frustrations that people identity.

Top 6 Frustrations Experienced by Majority of People when Reading the Bible

  • Don’t understand the background or history
  • The stories are confusing
  • Don’t feel excited about reading it
  • Language is difficult to relate to
  • The layout is difficult to navigate
  • Never have enough time to read it

In 2017, the ABS asked participants to select their most significant frustration when it comes to reading the Bible (and they also included a “None/no frustration option). The results:

  • 16% said it was too difficult to read;
  • 16% were unmotivated and unexcited since they did not understand it;
  • 11% did not understand the biblical background or history;
  • 9% found the stories confusing; and
  • 8% indicated the layout was too difficult.

Collectively, these five answers total 60% of the population. In short, the majority of people find the Bible too confusing, frustrating, and un-motivating to read and understand. The Bridge was created to address this need.