It is not a commentary.

It is not a study bible.

The Bridge is a fresh and innovative Bible translation that helps the 21st Century person to read and understand Scripture for themselves. It makes the Bible accessible to the normal, everyday person. Its purpose is to fill in the gap between the thought of Scripture and the contemporary world. It fills in these historical, religious, and cultural background details within context so that readers do not need “helps” to grasp the Bible’s meaning.

The Bridge is the most dynamic, thought-for-thought translation available. As an innovative Bible translation, it will help the seeker, the curious, the one longing to understand, the one looking for a fresh perspective, the one who needs more context to make sense of Scripture. In short, it is for the 21st Century reader. The Bridge does not require being a bible scholar to understand Scripture’s meaning. Instead, it allows the contemporary reader to open up the Bible, read, and comprehend its message in a way never possible before.

Before I gained a more thorough understanding of Christianity, I needed the Bridge. People I have encountered needed a Bible that they could read and understand. Throughout years of ministry, I could have benefited from having a resource like the Bridge to share with others. According to ABS research, the majority of people need a Bible like the Bridge. The Bridge has the potential to reach and help many people – the ones who want to read and understand the Bible.