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In The Gospel of John: The Bridge Bible Translation, discover how God’s light has come to dispel the darkness of our world. Learn how God’s light offers us a life richer and fuller than we can even begin to imagine. If you are interested in learning more about the new kind of life that God offers, then this new, easy to read, easy to understand Bible translation of the Gospel of John is for you.

  • Easy to read Bible

  • Proven easier to understand than other leading Bible translations

  • Overcomes common frustrations of reading the Bible

  • Thematic outline aids understanding of the main point of a passage

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What is The Bridge Bible?

The Bridge is an easy to read, easy to understand Bible translation for the 21st Century. It is the most dynamic Bible translation available. The Bridge fills the gap between the biblical and contemporary world. It makes the meaning of Scripture clear by providing the context one needs to fully understand the Bible. The Bridge Bible makes it feel like the original authors from the biblical times are speaking directly to you today. In clear and straightforward language, the Bridge faithfully translates the original biblical texts into a user-friendly, easy to understand Bible. The Bridge brings the meaning of Scripture to center-stage and allows the contemporary reader to discover God’s truth through this new, innovative, and dynamic translation.tio

The Bridge is proven 30% easier to understand than other Bible translation

Begin your journey into a better understanding of the Bible with The Bridge. The first book, Revelation, will be available soon! 

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No Translation is Perfect

The Bible is a powerful book. It contains God’s inspired, authoritative Word – what He wants us to know about His will for the world and how we can best live in it. However, all English Bible translation are just that, translations. They are done by flawed, imperfect human beings. While many may prefer one translation over the other, there is no perfect translation. This one is not perfect either. However, it is faithful translation that brings the divinely inspired, original author’s message and meaning to life in a way that helps the contemporary person understand God’s Word.

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Comparing The Bridge to Other Translations

Each Bible translation is just that – a translation. While there is no perfect translation, each one has its corresponding advantages and benefits. The Bridge is the most readable and understandable English Bible translation available. It helps to achieve this goal by putting the biblical author’s message into context and by making the meaning of God’s message clear to the contemporary reader. To see how The Bridge compares to other Bible translations, visit the Comparing Bible Translation and the Bridge article.

See How the Bridge Compares to Other Bibles
Research Study: Comparing The Bridge to Other Bibles

The Bridge Bible is proven 30% easier to understand than other leading English Bible translations. How do we know? Over a three-month period, multiple research studies were conducted comparing The Bridge to five other leading English translations (NIV, ESV, NLT, KJV, and Message). They involved thousands of people in blind comparison studies, comprehension tests, etc. The results: participants had a 30% better comprehension of the Bible’s meaning when reading The Bridge Bible. Oh, btw, Revelation rated even higher. People had a 51% better understanding of Revelation when reading Revelation: The Bridge Bible Translation.

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The Bridge overcomes barriers and frustrations to understanding the Bible

Did you know that 60% of people experience frustration when reading the Bible? They report that they: don’t understand the background or history, the stories are confusing, the language is difficult to relate to, that they aren’t excited to read what they don’t understand, etc. The Bridge Bible was intentionally created to overcome those barriers and frustrations to reading the Bible. Pick up The Bridge today and discover that the Bible can make sense in this easy to read, easy to understand Bible translation.

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