The Bridge Overcomes the Typical Unfavorable Emotions that Many Experience

Not only do people experience frustration when reading the Bible, they also experience a variety of unfavorable emotions due to these frustrations. In the ABS study, they found that more than one out of three people (34%) experience an unfavorable emotion while reading the Bible. The leading unfavorable emotions experienced by readers were feeling overwhelmed, confused, doubtful, bored, and discouraged. The Bridge works to overcome these unfavorable emotions by providing additional clarity and context, making the themes and points clear, and encouraging readers because they can actually understand what they read.

The Bridge Possesses the Six Qualities of Good Translations

An experienced linguist identifies six qualities of good translations. He states that good translations should be:

  1. Accurate,
  2. Clear,
  3. Natural,
  4. Mirroring the tone and mood of the author,
  5. Culturally appropriate for the target audience, and
  6. Aimed at the audience.

Modern Bible translations do well to achieve 2-3 of these six qualities. However, the Bridge not only has accuracy and clarity but it also achieves naturalness, communicates the tone and mood of the author, connects with cultural appropriateness, and aims at the audience in innovative ways that set it apart from other modern translations.