What kind of translation is the Bridge Bible?

Traditionally, Bible translations are thought of as existing along an imaginary continuum between two opposite translation approaches. Along this two-dimensional line, translations fall somewhere between formal (word-for-word) of functional (thought-for-thought). In this two-dimensional line fo thinking, The Bridge is the most dynamic, thought-for-thought translation available. It takes this approach to make the meaning of the Bible clear to the contemporary reader. However, it may be better to think of The Bridge as a three-dimensional Bible translation. Like contemporary translation studies, it views translating more holistically and as multi-faceted endeavor. It takes equivalence - both formal and functional - very seriously, but it does not stop there. As an innovative, 3-dimensional Bible translation, it takes into consideration a wide variety of factors to create a Bible that people can read and understand - one that overcomes the barriers, frustrations, and unfavorable emotions of the contemporary reader.


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