Why is the Bridge Bible described as a translation and not a paraphrase?

Because it's a translation. There is no perfect or pure translation. All translation strive to make the words and meaning of a source language text make sense and be meaningful to a target language. All leading translation use some formal and functional equivalence. All leading translation use idioms and paraphrase to some degree. The Bridge Bible is an innovative, Bible translation that applies leading, contemporary translation study theory to the Bible.


When will the Bridge Bible be fully available?

Over 75% of the New Testament has been translated. Yet, there will be much editing and review still to do. This project is just now being publically announced. Up until now, it has been a private calling and passion. If the first books perform well and with financial support or substantial publisher support behind the project, the Bible could be completed much, much sooner. To learn more about how you can support the Bridge Bible Project, visit Support the Bridge Bible Project to discover how you can help.


How does the Bridge compare to other Bible translations?

While there are many good English Bible translations (and they all have different good qualities), The Bridge is an innovative approach. Research demonstrated that The Bridge leads to a 30% better understanding and comprehension of the Bible's meaning. Compared to others, The Bridge is the most readable and understandable English Bible translation available. It helps to achieve this goal by putting the biblical author’s message into context and by making the meaning of God’s message conceptually clear to the contemporary reader. To see a visual of how The Bridge compares, view Comparing Bible Translations and the Bridge.


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